Hockey Goalie School: Tips & Training for Ice Hockey Goalies

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On-Ice Program

16-30 Hours of On-Ice Instruction Per Week

The amount of ice-time varies with each program option (Programs are listed in the Program and Fee section). Call the office for details.


Goalies are taught how to read and play all game situations. You'll get tons of work and personal attention. The drills are intense, movement oriented, innovative and challenging. They are the same ones used to train Jon Elkin’s NHL goaltenders; the program is designed for NHL goalies. It is adjusted to accommodate beginner level attendees.


Goalies will be video taped daily. The video will be emailed directly to the student along with the instructor's feedback making it a valuable tool to be viewed during the camp as well as long after the goaltender leaves.


The daily video sessions are a trove of essential information for any studious goaltender who wants to improve his understanding of the game. The content is the result of thousands of hours of breaking down video, which is an important aspect of Elkin's job as an NHL goalie coach.



A maximum of 10 goalies (and as few as 5) rotate through five stations on the ice making the student/staff ratio one of the smallest and most personal of any goalie camp in the world.


The school has developed a worldwide reputation for its exceptional staff. Certain drills require demonstration to properly teach the technique. Instructors with goalie pads are strategically placed at different stations, while others in tracksuits act as second or third scoring threats. Instructors play or coach at a high level and personally train with Jon to ensure that they all teach the same technique using the same language. Jon is at every session, all day, every day.


Our school is also known for its great shooters. The shooters are of Pro, OHL, College, Junior and AAA calibre. They alter their shots according to the age and skill level of the goaltender who is in net. If a mistake is made, the shooters will make the goalie pay. They force our students to make proper adjustments.

Age & Calibre

Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools has a reputation of challenging and successfully developing goaltenders of many different age and skill levels. Five years old to adults. Beginners to Pros. Each goalie will be grouped and drilled according to his/her skill level both on and off the ice. REGULAR,ADVANCED, ELITE AND PRO GROUPINGS.

Special Puckhandling & Movement Sessions

Jon Elkin pioneered special puckhandling for goaltenders over 20 ago when Mike Smith was a young teenager. A big part of his prowess with the puck and confidence playing it comes from these special sessions. Sudents learn the importance of this aspect of the game and are pushed to get out of their comfort zone and excel at playing the puck. One cannot play the puck or move around the crease without great mobility. There is an enormous amount of creative drills that promote speed and control, utilizing proper and proven cadence. These sessions are not bag skates: they are designed to heighten one’s skill and execution.


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