Hockey Goalie School: Tips & Training for Ice Hockey Goalies

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Groups are kept small for more personal attention. Simplification is an important concept in goaltending. Jon Elkin has designed an approach that will simplify one's game and allow for more consistency throughout the season. Goalies will feel that the game has slowed down for them and that they are exerting less energy. The concepts are easy to learn, but like anything else, require a focused and dedicated approach. Full attendance and hard work are necessary to gain maximum benefit.


Sample Schedule for June 20-24, 27- July 1, 25-29, Aug 1-5 

*Mondays-Thursdays (See below for Friday schedule)

8:10-8:30 Goalie Specific Warm-Up

9:00-10:00 On-ice

10:00 Recovery shake (delivered to dressingroom)

10:15-10:45 Video

11:15-12:15 On-ice

Lunch until 1:10

1:10-1:30 Goalie Specific Warm-Up

2-3 On-ice

3:00 Recovery shake (delivered to dressingroom)


Sample Schedule for July 4-8, 11-15, 18-22

*Mondays-Thursdays (See below for Friday schedule)

9:30-9:50 Goalie Specific Warm-Up

10:20-12:00 On-ice

12:00 Recovery shake (delivered to dressingroom)

Lunch until 12:40

12:40-1:10 Classroom lecture

1:10-1:40 Video

1:40-2 Goalie Specific Warm-Up

2:30-4:10 On-ice

4:10 Recovery shake (delivered to dressingroom)


*Friday Schedules are the same for all weeks:

8:10-8:30 Goalie Specific Warm-Up

9-11 On-ice



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