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In 1984, Jon Elkin started his goalie school at 16 years of age as a part-time venture in Montreal, Quebec where he grew up. He moved to Toronto in 1992 to operate the school full-time. Since then the school has grown into one of the largest goalie schools in the world. It operates year-round seven days per week including ten straight weeks of summer goalie hockey training where students congregate from all over the world to learn modern day hockey goalie tips and techniques.


Extensive Experiences

Jon Elkin has coached at all levels. He was the Calgary Flames (NHL) goalie coach for three seasons and has been the goalie coach for teams in the AHL, WHL, QMJHL and OHL, all top feeder systems to the NHL. He has coached 25 NHL goalies.

Jon is currently the goalie coach for the Arizona Coyotes, NHL. He also works privately with his own NHL goaltenders and NHL goaltending prospects.


Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools has developed many NHL goalies: Stanley Cup Champions, NHL Allstars, NHL Rookie of the Years and NHL starters. 

The school has many young goalies that are legitimate NHL prospects. Students' names regularily get called at the anual NHL Draft. The goalie school also has a substantial number of male and female goaltenders playing Division I college hockey. Elkin’s students have also been active in the European Professional Leagues: Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Holland, Norway, Austria & England. Our record acts as confirmation that our pupils are participating in one of the top goaltender developmental programs in the world.




Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools has been a leader in foreseeing new trends and implementing effective techniques to counter the changes in the game. Twenty-five years ago, it was one of the first goalie schools to adopt the butterfly technique. After a while, when forwards were forced to adapt their games as a result of facing butterfly goalies, Elkin emphasized a more reactive butterfly style to counter improved shooting accuracy.

New rules that have exponentially opened up the game combined with the reduction in the size of goalie equipment, better player equipment and ever-improving player skill levels mean that goaltenders have to be technically even sounder, more patient, improve their reads, be quicker on their feet, better at controlling rebounds, be in better shape, be more proficient at playing the puck and more athletic than ever.


Our unique form of the butterfly style, a patient butterfly, has shown foresight in staying ahead of the trends. Goaltenders are taught to be strong on their feet and to stay up as long as possible. When the goalie has to go down, the school teaches him/her how to do it effectively and efficiently so that he eliminates the scoring chance and recovers quickly into position for the next play. Consistent positioning, good efficient movement, reading the play, proper rebound control, athletic ability and playing the puck are constantly stressed in our program.


Jon Elkin continues to push the position of playing goal ahead. One will have to attend to learn how "low is the new big" and to attain progressive tracking methods that keep goalies literally on top of the puck smothering the shooter.


Great goaltending does not end with skill and technique. These are only the basic foundations of strong goaltending. What separates great goalies from good goalies is mental toughness. Success is not handed down or stumbled upon; it is earned. If you want to understand modern day goaltending and possess the ambition to strive for the best, Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools will help propel your game to its highest level.


True greatness requires steadiness, which is aided by advanced coaching. The school's influence on managing one's thoughts, emotions, successes and failures will stay with a student long after he or she has finished his training.