Hockey Goalie School: Tips & Training for Ice Hockey Goalies

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Goalies Testimonials

  • Anthony Peters

    "Training with Jon for the past couple of years is a big reason why I have had some success in my career thus far. He has broken down my game and helped me improve on areas where I need to. Jon demands 100% every time we are on the ice and pushes you to be your very best. After attending one of Jon's camps, I leave knowing that he has helped me improve my game. Jon has done a lot for me over the years and I look forward to going back and training with him again."

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    Anthony Peters
  • Andy Chiodo

    "Jon's work ethic and passion for the game is second to none. He continues to adjust and understand his goaltenders no matter what their style. I am confident that as you get to know Jon you will share my belief that his views on life and sport are truly inspiring. Jon has been an influential part of where I am today and has a lot to do with my development over the last eight years. Jon has provided the building blocks in all aspects of the game that are now proving so valuable."

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    Andy Chiodo
  • Andrew Raycroft

    "Jon is intense, personable and expects 100% effort out of all his students. I believe that is a combination that can improve anyone's game and without a doubt he has elevated mine over the last fourteen years. I truly believe that he has been one of my greatest influences in hockey."

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    Andrew Raycroft