Hockey Goalie School: Tips & Training for Ice Hockey Goalies

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Goalies Testimonials


    "Jon is one of today's top goalie coaches. He has a great reputation as being a developer of young goaltending talent. I especially like his drills. They are creative, challenging and

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    "I played with Jon at McGill. He was an intense competitor and a very hard worker. As a head coach I've used Jon to train my goaltenders in the past. He's extremely knowledgeable and communicates exceptionally well with the players."

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    "Jon has been a good friend for many years. I appreciated his help working with me while I was playing for the Calgary Flames. When my son decided to become a goaltender 4 years ago, I contacted Jon. In one week's time, my son turned into a solid, steady, confident goaltender who understands the meaning of dedication. Jon's choice of progressive drills combined with the intensity of his program proved to be a winning combination."

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    "I came to Jon Elkin's 5 years ago while playing in the OHL. It immediately made an impact in my play and understanding of goaltending. Jon Elkin teaches an extremely detailed and efficient technique that covers all aspects of the game, second to none. However, Jon knows that technique only takes you so far - success requires a strong mental approach as well. His guidance and mentoring has pushed me to be better on and off the ice. Jon's passion and drive to be better everyday is what keeps me coming back. Always searching for a way to perform better and finding ways to make more saves are the reasons I return every summer to improve my game."

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    "Jon has been influential in my career since I started training at the school many years ago. He continually adapts to the changes of the game, helping me improve every year. Jon's approach is always consistent. He is intense and motivates me to be at the top of my game every time I'm on the ice. Training at Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools is the best way for me to prepare for the upcoming season."

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    "Jon tightened up my play. He's given me an effective game plan and priceless guidance. His coaching was instrumental in getting me to the NHL."

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    "Jon Elkin's goalie school is the right place to be to learn modern day goaltending. All drills relate to game situations and are effectively simulated. Jon's attention to detail and demand for perfection forces you to bring your game to the next level in all areas. 100% effort is needed each time you step on the ice to achieve more consistancy and a better work ethic. Since I have started trainning with Jon, I now know what it is like to train with the best."

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    Earlier last season I was struggling, getting away from my game and was in need of some advice. I had heard nothing but positive things about Jon and his effort into getting the best out of his goaltenders so I got in contact with him. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made, he turned my season around completely! I worked my bag off, played big, became more athletic in the net and showed a great measure of battle in my game. Went on later that year to beat the Mississauga Majors and win the OHL championship. Jon is willing to go the extra mile for you If you are willing to put in the work and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me thus far.

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    "Jon has been my goalie coach since I was 9 years old. From the moment I started with Jon I immediately felt better in the net and more in control of the game around me. Jon pushed me to be a better goalie in both the mental and physical aspect of my game. I was able to take the knowledge and coaching Jon provided along with a desire to succeed and become an Ontario Hockey League and Canadian U18 goalie. Jon knows what it’s like to be a goalie and knows what it takes to be a great goalie. I am fortunate to have Jon as a coach and someone I can lean on."

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    "I've been training with Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools since I was 10 and he is a big part of why I played in the OHL and signed with the Oilers. Jon has helped me breakdown all aspects of my game, working on fundamental drills and the mental part of the game. Jon puts 100% effort into his coaching and demands 100% in return. He is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the art of goaltending."

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