Hockey Goalie School: Tips & Training for Ice Hockey Goalies

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Goalies Testimonials


    "Since I have been going to Jon Elkin's my game has been elevated to new heights. Jon knows what it takes to get to the next level and has the knowledge that will improve your game mentally and physically. Jon is intense and will expect nothing but 110% out of you every time you step onto the ice. Training with Jon for the past 6 years has given me the best advantage in my game and I look forward to many more."

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    "I have been attending Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools since the age of 7. Jon has taught me the fundamentals of the game and has encouraged me to be determined and persistent. As a result of Jon's guidance, I have managed to find my game. He is a big reason for the success I've enjoyed thus far in my career."

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    "I worked with Jon for over two years with the Toronto St. Michaels Majors (OHL) and still work with him today. He helped me get drafted and prepared me well for the NHL. His dedication to his job is unbelievable and his work ethic is one of the best I have ever seen, He has a tremendous knowledge and understanding of goaltending. Jon also helped me in my mental game. Jon Elkin's summer camps are well prepared and make you work hard and smart off ice and on ice. The camp prepares you well for the season. I am happy that I have had an opportunity to work with Jon because he helped me a lot in my progress."

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    "I have worked with Jon for 11 seasons now. Before I started working with Jon I had received very little coaching. He was able to take parts of my game and offer me new techniques and style. He helps me adjust and guides me throughout the season. He pushes me on the ice during workouts and demands the best every time we are on the ice or studying the game."

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    "Jon's drive and determination to make his goalies the best they can be is what makes Jon and his goalies successful. His focus on fundamentals has equipped me with skill to play with confidence and consistency as I steadily improve my game. Jon has high expectations from himself and will not accept anything less than 100%."

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