Jon Elkin started coaching goalies at 16. His hockey goalie school has grown into one of the largest and most reputable in the world.

Jon has developed many NHL goalies: Stanley Cup Champions, NHL Allstars, NHL Rookie of the Years and NHL starters. Besides running Jon Elkin’s Goalie Schools, Elkin has been an NHL goalie coach for 6 seasons.

“I’m intense. I won’t apologize for it. Mentoring takes passion, honesty and support. I love helping people grow.”


Hockey goaltending requires steadiness, which is aided by advanced coaching. Elkin’s influence on managing thoughts, emotions, successes and failures will stay with each student long after he or she has left.


Jon Elkin continues to push the position of playing goal ahead with his philosophy of “low is the new big” coupled with progressive tracking methods that keep goalies literally on top of the puck smothering the shooter.


"I’ve been attending Jon’s camp since I was 10 and still work with him today. He’s taught me sound fundamentals and what it takes to succeed.”


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