Personal attention is imperative for Elkin. Groups are kept small to allow him to be on the ice for all sessions and spend quality time with each hockey goalie.

“I’ve been training with Jon ever since I became serious about goaltending. He has helped me develop into the goaltender I am today.”

–Mackenzie Blackwood (NEW JERSEY DEVILS, NHL)


Jon pioneered special puckhandling sessions for goaltenders over twenty years ago when Mike Smith was a young teenager. A big part of Smith’s prowess with the puck comes from Elkin’s puckhandling drills.


One cannot play the puck or move around the crease without great mobility. Jon has an enormous amount of creative drills that promote speed and control, utilizing proper and proven cadence. These sessions are not bag skates: they are designed to heighten one’s skill and execution.


An iPad accompanies Elkin on ice to record video of the goalies executing drills. He can then go over the content with them immediately and email the whole conversation with lines, arrows, freeze frames, slow motion, etc. for extra anytime viewing.


Preparing for on-ice performance is crucial for hockey goaltending success.

Emphasis is placed on warming up for performance and cooling down to speed up recovery, improve flexibility & prevent injuries.

Strength and conditioning work is not part of the curriculum. Pacing oneself to get through off-ice workouts on top of multiple ice sessions encourages slow moving athletes.

One should access a qualified strength and conditioning program in their area. (If an older goalie is attending for multiple weeks a gym facility is available to workout if required. A hockey specific trainer can be provided upon request.)


Daily video sessions with Jon are a trove of essential information. The content is the result of Jon’s thousands of hours of breaking down video – an important aspect of a NHL goalie coach’s job.By restricting hockey goalie camp attendance, Jon is able to conduct all classroom sessions himself. You don’t have to go through a Navy Seals Hell Week to become mentally tough. Equanimity can be achieved through exercises that won’t leave one beat up or injured. Each goaltender will be equipped with the mental tools necessary to excel under any circumstance.


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